Westclox 1950 Big Ben Moonbeam Aqua Blue Alarm Clock

Westclox 1950 Big Ben Alarm Clock

Westclox 1950 Big Ben Moonbeam Aqua Blue Alarm Clock

by Westclox

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      Customer Reviews
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      Not a morning person, April 1, 2010
      kpac "kpac" (Austin)
      I do not enjoy waking up early, but I do have a job so I am pretty thrilled to be awakened by flashing lights instead of the tinny bell sound of most alarm clocks. I wasn't sure if light would actually wake me up (I'm a pretty sound sleeper)but this alarm clock works really well. The alarm bell sound isn't too obnoxious either. The clock itself is pretty cute, it is plastic, but not too cheap looking.

      pretty but has cord, April 24, 2010
      R. Wicks "Katie's mama" (Ventura, CA)
      I had no idea it had a cord which was kind of a bummer. It's cheaper than the LL Bean model. I don't love that it's lit all the time. It came with some small scratches on it, haven't decided if I'm going to keep it. It's also much "bluer" than the picture which makes it look like a pale blue, it's a much stronger blue than in the picture.

      Great clock, even greater company, June 11, 2010
      Margot E (Knoxville, TN, USA)
      I use a Big Ben Moonbeam and had bought a second as a gift for someone. He didn't like it, so I checked to see if I could return it. The company was very helpful in allowing that. I'm grateful to them and wouldn't hesitate to buy another clock from them. Full points for friendly customer service.

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